Global Awareness Campaign

WellBeing International (WBI) believes that providing access to appropriate resources helps to inform people about the choices they can make that will have a positive impact on not just themselves and their families, but also for animals and the environment. WBI’s Global Awareness strategy consists of three major components: the WellBeing International Studies Repository, WBI’s Website and our Direct Outreach via our newsletters (WellBeing News and Tales of WellBeing) and our social media pages. The newsletters translate current scientific knowledge into crisp, clear and readable articles that cover a broad range of issues addressing the interactions among people, animals and the environment (the PAE triad).

WellBeing International Studies Repository

Public demand for information has grown dramatically in the past twenty years. This demand has been fueled by new technologies that enable individuals across the globe to access a huge amount of information very easily and quickly from their computers and smart phones. Literally, the globe’s databases are in the palm of one’s hand.

WBI aims to become an important “go to” resource repository for academics, researchers, educators, and all those who want to know more about the well-being of people, animals, and the environment. The new repository is hosted by Digital Commons, a commercial institutional repository platform used “by over 500 academic institutions, healthcare centers, public libraries and research centers to showcase scholarly output and special collections.” The WellBeing International Studies Repository is an open access collection of academic, archival, and assorted other materials related to the well-being of people, animals, and the environment (the PAE Triad). LEARN MORE

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WellBeing International Website

WBI’s website is a central component in delivering WBI’s Global Awareness goals and objectives. The website will be the hub through which integrated and self-directed platforms can be accessed. These platforms include the Centralized Knowledge & Data Repository (CKDR), which includes the WBI’s Studies and Data Repositories. WBI’s website will provide the entry point for the Global Dog Campaign’s implementing partners where each partner’s data will be loaded directly into the Data Repository. The website will be WBI’s collaborating, learning, and adapting (CLA) location where resources such as tools, guides and pertinent information can be found. News and technical analyses written by WBI and associated professionals along with the newsletter archives and related links will also reside on the website.

Direct Outreach

WBI’s direct outreach involves two different newsletters produced on a monthly schedule. WellBeing News is more technical and contains reports, trends, analyses, and commentary. Tales of WellBeing contains stories from around the globe about people, animals, and our environment. The newsletters are sent out via email to WBI’s mailing list and distributed via social media through WBI’s four social media platforms.

WBI’s strategic plan also calls for direct participation in international conferences and workshops along with direct contact with stakeholders, businesses, consortium partners and government officials. Technical reports are produced and delivered at international conferences and workshops that enhance WBI’s outreach efforts. The development of these contacts and connections are crucial in helping to influence the agendas which affect the well-being of people, animals, and the environment.

Andrew Rowan
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