Feel Better Campaign

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”

~Mother Theresa

toddler girl playing exploration  at sunny summer countryside, Northern Ireland

WellBeing International’s Feel Better Campaign strives to demonstrate that People, Animals, and the Environment (the Triad) are inextricably connected and that we cannot change the lives of one of the Triad without affecting the other two.  Therefore, we need to seek optimal outcomes for all three elements and not just focus on human outcomes.

Why Feel Better as a concept?  Consumers have reported in opinion polls that they “Feel Better” when making choices to live a more sustainable lifestyle.  The “Feel Better” slogan makes the campaign personal and achievable for individuals.  When individuals make even small changes in lifestyle, those changes can transform into significant global impacts if enough people adopt them.  Feel Better hopes to utilize the “Power of Demand” (economic) to drive widespread behavior changes for individuals, governments, corporations, and other public institutions. People drive demand and, therefore, people can drive change.

When people are informed, they have the opportunity to make better choices for themselves, others, animals, and the environment. WellBeing International provides a multitude of information sources via our WellBeing International Studies Repository, WBI’s Website and Direct Outreach via our newsletters (WellBeing News and Tales of WellBeing) and our social media pages. The newsletters translate current scientific knowledge into crisp, clear and readable articles that cover a broad range of issues addressing interactions among people, animals and the environment (the PAE triad).

Some people already have or will be making significant changes in their lives to support sustainability. Others may make more modest changes but all positive choices, no matter the size, are welcomed and should be celebrated.

There are many diverse ways in which good choices can have a positive impact on global well-being. Our world consists of people with many different cultures, customs, languages, and political and health care systems.  For some, a lack of resources may limit what changes they personally can make, but we should celebrate all efforts to make a positive impact.

People are elected to office, people run corporations, people buy supplies and purchase from businesses.  People make many choices every day that drive demand.  People can also be mobilized to drive change.

Major focus areas for the Feel Better campaign include connecting the outcomes for all three elements of the Triad (People, Animals and Environment) when considering Dietary and Food Policy, appropriate improvements in Land Management, Ocean Protection, Energy Use, Waste Management and Air Quality.

The Feel Better Campaign would not be possible without the support of the Pettus-Crowe Foundation.

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