Our Campaigns

WellBeing International is focused on the following campaigns.

Wind Turbines | Photo credit: artJazz

Global Awareness Campaign

WBI seeks to reach millions of “consumers of information” with pertinent and accurate materials and messages related to its mission of seeking solutions for people, animals, and the environment (PAE).  WBI’s open “knowledge repository” of curated materials on PAE coupled with a robust website and the effective use of WBI’s social media platforms underpin the campaign.

Dog on the beach

Global Dog Campaign

The Global Dog Campaign seeks to support model dog management projects with funding and expertise and develop and maintain a worldwide database of successful dog projects and their human benefits. Better data will lead to more informed policies and more effective dog management leading to more humane communities for dogs, people, and the environment.

Family walking in the woods | Photo credit: eli_asenova

Feel Better Campaign

The Feel Better Campaign strives to emphasize and demonstrate how humans, animals, and the environment are inextricably connected. Better individual choices and informed demands will lead people to ‘feel better’ and drive more effective government actions and corporate business decisions, leading to a sustainable world for people, animals, and the environment now and the future.

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