“A responsible caretaker of our world must safeguard people, animals, and the environment for each element is tightly connected to and dependent on the well-being of others.”

~Andrew Rowan

Our Vision

WellBeing International envisions people, animals and the environment thriving in a healthy and harmonious world.

Our Mission

WellBeing International seeks to achieve optimal well-being for people, animals and the environment through collaborative engagement, education, direct care and science.

Our Values

Integrity Beyond Reproach:
We conduct our business in a way that is honest, transparent and ethical.

Our services are provided by trained professionals seeking tangible, lasting results delivered efficiently and evaluated through the tracking of key benchmarks.

Respect for People, Animals and Environment:
We seek justice for people, animals and the environment. We respect individual boundaries.

We are creative and data-disciplined to seek solutions and introduce new ideas.

Accountability & Transparency:
We are responsible for our decisions and actions and are honest about our successes and failures.

Cooperation & Collaboration:
We recognize the power of cooperation and collaboration among different actors including NGOs, multilateral organizations, businesses and government agencies incorporating markets and local knowledge and expertise to build synergies and deliver impact.

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