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WellBeing International archives essential materials and works on the well-being of people, animals, and the environment in the state-of-the-art digital repository WellBeing International Studies Repository.  This repository democratizes information by giving users, with and without alternative means of access, the ability to search, access, and download critical materials, including the Animal Sentience journal, without charge.

The continued existence and maintenance of WBISR is dependent upon your generous donations.

Since the WBISR was established at the end of 2014, 3.5 million global users have accessed the repository. In 2023, there were over 500,000 users, including representatives from more than 35,000 institutions worldwide.

Ways to Give


WBI welcomes and gratefully accepts all financial gifts of any size to support the WBISR! All gifts help the democratization of information worldwide, including those with limited or no library access.


Actively engage with the WBISR to archive their special publications and reports and create Special Exhibits for worldwide access through WBISR. Partners provide annual financial sponsorship for the WBISR.


Support WBISR’s operations, enhancements, and sustainability with a one-time donation of $25,000 or more. A patron who provides a total of $100,000 USD over several years will be converted to a Lifetime Patron.

Lifetime Patron

Provide transformative support, $100,000 or more, for the long-term sustainability and expansion of the WBISR to ensure continued free access for future generations of users worldwide.

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