Refugees crossing from Ukraine into Isaccea, Romania 05 March 2022
Ukraine Rescue, Relief & Rebuild

The Crisis in Ukraine and Why Your Help is Needed

The conflict in Ukraine has subjected the people of Ukraine and their animals to the terror of ongoing bombardments, summary executions, assaults, loss of loved ones, and cities and towns reduced to rubble. These actions have created a mass exodus of people who have lost any sense of safety that most of us take for granted. They are fleeing, trying to save their own lives, and the lives of family members, including their pets. The numbers are rising (now estimated to have reached 7 million refugees and internally displaced persons). They need your help now!

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How Your Donation Will Help

WellBeing International (WBI) and the consortium partners will respond quickly and effectively to the ever-changing conflict by providing support and supplies to appropriate locations as needs dictate.  WBI and the consortium partners will apply a flexible approach to the Ukraine Rescue, Relief & Rebuild (U3R) campaign by:

  • Providing support for food, medical supplies, and other needs for implementing partners.
  • Ensuring resource distribution where most needed, ensuring those needs are being met rapidly and effectively.
  • Using a combination of donor funds and in-kind support from resource partners to address urgent needs in various locations.
  • Addressing rescue, relief, and rebuilding needs as they occur.
  • Growing the consortium of local implementing and resource partners who provide direct services, essential intelligence-gathering on needs and risks, and resources.

Why the Ukraine Rescue, Relief & Rebuild (U3R) Consortium?

The U3R consortium of implementing, intelligence, and resource partners are better able to respond to a changing environment and locations effectively and efficiently.

  • Local implementing partners can assist locations with the most critical needs.
  • Food, medical supplies, and other support can be efficiently directed to avoid under and over supplies.
  • A diversity of local partners caring for different animal types allows the consortium to respond to more animals.
  • Information about critical needs and locations can be centralized to provide a better distribution of resources, and broader coverage.

Ukraine Rescue, Relief & Rebuild (U3R) – Vison, Mission & Values

Vision – This consortium of partners will provide the people and animals of Ukraine support and assistance for rescue, relief, and rebuilding.

Mission – The consortium of partners, committed to cooperative action, will draw together a wide range of skills, resources, and capacities and respond quickly to a rapidly changing conflict in and around Ukraine.

Values – The U3R consortium values include integrity beyond reproach, excellence, respect for people, animals & the environment, innovation, accountability & transparency, and cooperation & collaboration.

U3R Strategy

Constantly changing war zones and risk assessments as well as ongoing supply chain disruptions, are features of the evolving context of the situation in Ukraine. Such disasters attract many individuals and organizations who want to help. However, developing accurate information on what is needed, where, and when is a significant challenge in expediting the allocations and delivery of essential support. The U3R consortium partners are keenly aware of these challenges. We have developed a strategic plan to address these challenges with a coordinated but flexible response to the Ukraine conflict and ensure that donated resources reach those who need them most.

U3R’s top-level goals include Rescue, Relief & Rebuild with a foundation of Cooperation & Coordination among individuals, organizations, communities & governments. U3R, working with various stakeholders, strives to collect and distribute accurate and timely information. The information will identify needs and locations, safety risks, effective, and efficient supply chains to benefit all stakeholders, and guide what will be required in each phase of Ukraine’s rescue, relief, and rebuilding. Members of the U3R consortium all agree that collaboration and cooperation are essential in driving the positive impacts of Ukraine’s Rescue, Relief & Rebuilding efforts.

About The Consortium & Our Work

A Message from WBI President Andrew Rowan

U3R Consortium Partners

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