The WellBeing International Studies Repository provides open access to a wealth of reports and data covering the People, Animals, Environment Triad.

The Repository is a curated digital repository for critical historical and contemporary materials on the well-being of people, animals, and the environment. This Repository supports WBI’s campaigns and programs and the academic journal Animal Sentience, founded in 2014. The Repository is hosted by the Digital Commons platform, used by over 500 universities.  

The Repository strongly supports the democratization of information and its free dissemination to the world. The Repository, containing 5,700 documents, has been used by over 3.5 million users from over 35,000 organizations in 232 countries and territories. The Repository is searched by Google and Google Scholar, increasing the likelihood that interested users will find the resource and access relevant materials.   

Animal Sentience is in the WellBeing International Studies Repository
The WBI Studies Repository is also home to an important online journal, Animal Sentience.  The Editor-in-Chief of this new journal, Dr. Stevan Harnad, was the founding editor of the very successful academic journal Behavioral and Brain Sciences published by Cambridge University Press. He has brought his considerable editorial experience, passion for the topic and thousands of former contacts from the fields of behavioral and brain sciences to build Animal Sentience. The new journal is focused on exploring what animals feel and experience (rather than what they may be thinking).

The WellBeing International Studies Repository would not be possible without the support from The Summerlee Foundation.

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