Vol. 3 Issue 8, September 2021

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Climate Change, Food Systems, and Health Impact
at the United Nations

This fall, three important international meetings include a UN Food Systems Summit in New York, a WHO meeting on climate change and human health, and the COP26 on climate change in Glasgow. The Food Systems Summit launches a global discussion while the health and climate discussions have been ongoing.

Dasgupta Review Revisited
An expert in ecological economics has recently critiqued the Dasgupta Review. The critique notes that valuing Nature is a challenging issue and argues that our current economic models, including the one proposed in the Review, are inadequate. READ MORE

Counting Birds and Other Wild Animals
Estimating wildlife populations is essential to guide conservation efforts but determining the number of wild animals is challenging. A recent study estimates 50 billion birds globally, while Kenya has just reported it has 500,000 wild animals. READ MORE

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