Vol. 3 Issue 9, October 2021

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Solutions for People,Animals and Environment

Climate Change and COP26

The Glasgow climate conference (COP26) is a critical moment in the world’s response to climate change. In this month’s Letter from the President, Andrew and Kathleen Rowan provide a short primer on the current global attention to climate change and COP26.

Roads & Wildlife: Safeguarding Asia’s Rich Biodiversity
Christine Gianas Weinheimer of the CLLC explores the impact of linear infrastructure (e.g., roads, railways and power lines) in Asia on wildlife, and how, with planning, the adverse effects can be ameliorated. READ MORE

Urban Wildlife in New York City
Dr. John Hadidian writes about wildlife slowly returning to major cities, such as New York City, to the delight (and sometimes consternation) of their human residents. READ MORE

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