Vol. 2 Issue 9, October 2020

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Solutions for People,Animals and Environment
Wind turbines and solar panels as alternative renewable energy.

Predicting the Future – or Managing for the Future?
Letter from the President

Given the $8-6 trillion dollar cost estimate of the pandemic, perhaps it is time to call on individuals to flex their consumer and political muscles to push for greater progress in some other critical areas, including solar energy, human population and global food.

Puppies | Photo credit: Blue Cross of India

Counting Dogs
Data on dog numbers and dog well-being will be an important part of evaluating impact of different approaches to dog and human well-being in particular communities. READ MORE

While diving on a coral reef in Tahiti, French Polynesia, we crossed a hawksbill turtle resting on a ledge of the coral reef, about 20 meter deep. Once it noticed us, it turned towards us to check us out

Determining Historical Baselines in Ocean Ecosystems
There is a growing group of historical ecologists who are attempting to fill in data gaps about ocean ecology. READ MORE

Introducing Global Dog Campaign
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