Vol. 3 Issue 5, May 2021

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White Rabbit | Photo credit: Ejla

Cosmetic Testing on Animals: EU Takes a Step Back

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) is requiring Symrise, a company selling industrial chemicals, to provide animal test data for two substances used only in cosmetics. This would be a major step back from the European Union’s (EU) leading role in ending animal testing on cosmetics. The ECHA decision was upheld by the European Commission but Symrise is challenging the decision at the EU General Court.

Glacier Lagoon in Greenland | Photo credit: Stereo Lights

The Human Footprint from the Last Ice Age to the Present
A recent study of fossil pollens coupled with sophisticated statistical analysis suggests that there was a rapid change in the earth’s vegetation predating the Industrial Revolution by thousands of years. It is likely that these changes resulted from human activity. READ MORE

Lions in Krugersdorp, South Africa | Photo credit: Goddard Photography

South Africa Changing Direction on the “Sustainable” Use of Wildlife?
On May 2, 2021, the South African Ministry of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment released a report making recommendations on the treatment of lions, elephants and rhinos. READ MORE

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