Vol. 5 Issue 3, March 2023

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Solutions for People,Animals and Environment
Women walking in the woods | credit: RichLegg, iStock

Letter from the President
World Happiness Report 2023

The World Happiness Report 2023 is an annual examination of global happiness and associated research.

Ixodes scapularis (deer tick) | credit: Ladislav Kubes, iStock

One Health: A Public Health Solution or Slogan?
One Health is a term used to refer to the close connections between human, animal, and environmental health. READ MORE

Scots Pine Caledonian Forest | credit: BlackBoxGuild, iStock

Reducing Deaths And Anxiety: Why Trees Should Be Cause Célèbre For Our Health And Well-Being
Philip Lymbery, CEO of Compassion in World Farming, focuses on the importance of trees for human and animal well-being. READ MORE

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