Vol. 3 Issue 6, June 2021

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Children Witnessing Violence Against Animals

In May of this year, the UN Committee of the Rights of the Child recommended that Tunisia “evaluate and eliminate” any programs or practices that are not in the best interests of children, “including societal violence against animals.” Such societally sanctioned behavior towards animals includes the culling of street dogs as well as public displays of bullfighting.

South Africa Moves to End Captive Breeding of Wildlife. Some Thoughts from the Chinese Experience
Author Peter J. Li, Ph.D. considers China’s justifications for captive wildlife breeding programs against the recent news out of South Africa that the country may be ending such breeding programs. READ MORE

Biodiversity: Is it important and if so, why?
There is a steadily growing movement to recognize the importance of biodiversity in global sustainability. Dr. Naveen Pandey explores the successes and failures over the last few years. READ MORE

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