Vol. 3 Issue 1, January 2021

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Drug Company Research and Animal Use

In his monthly letter, WBI President Andrew Rowan examines the state of animal testing by pharmaceutical companies. While the drug companies were responsible for the majority of laboratory animal use in the 1970s and earlier, he argues that they have been leaders in reducing the use of laboratory animals since then.

Animal Relinquishment and Pet-Owner Resilience
In this article, Underdogs co-authors Arnold Arluke and Andrew Rowan explore the ways animal care organizations and pet owners themselves have adapted to providing pet care in low-income communities. READ MORE

Remembering Sidney Lerner
Sidney Lerner, an advertising executive credited with coining the campaign “Please don’t squeeze the Charmin” recently died at the age of 90. We remember Sid for, amongst other projects, his contribution to and elevation of the public health issue of meat consumption through his “Meatless Mondays” campaign launched in 2003. READ MORE

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