Vol. 4 Issue 7, August 2022

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Solutions for People,Animals and Environment
Lone elephant | Video credit: circotasu

Letter from the President:
The United Nations, Animal Welfare and the Environment

Several recent UN initiatives, including a May 2022 UNEP resolution and a July 2020 report by the UN Secretary-General, address environmental and animal well-being and the implementation of the UN SDGs.

Biodiversity | Credit: Black Box Guild

United Nations – Convention on Biological Diversity and COP15
The Convention on Biological Diversity is negotiating a new post-2020 global framework to protect the world’s biodiversity, mitigate climate change and support human well-being. READ MORE

Happy Dogs | Photo credit: H Quality

Pet Dog Supply and Demand in the United States
There are growing concerns about the sources and overall supply of puppies to meet the US demand for pet dogs. READ MORE

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