Vol. 3 Issue 7, August 2021

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Animal Sentience, Public Awareness & Public Policy

Over the past fifty years, public concern for animals has prompted significant changes in public policy in many countries worldwide. During these years, one of the features of society was an interest in what animals think and feel (or animal sentience). Could this increased concern for animals’ behavior, cognition, and sentience have driven the public policy changes leading to greater consideration for animal welfare since 1975?

Cat Management Successes
Within the last decade, the academic literature on outdoor cat management projects has been enriched by papers looking at public attitudes to cats, examining the impact of different cat management options, and detailing the positive impact of some cat management projects around the world. Nevertheless, the controversy over what to do about cats continues virtually unabated. READ MORE

Animal Welfare at the UN
The Africa Network for Animal Welfare (ANAW), as part of its work with the United Nations Environment Program, is developing a draft Resolution on animal welfare to present to the next session of the UN Environment Assembly in 2022. ANAW has begun meeting with government representatives and potential government sponsors to introduce and support the Resolution. READ MORE

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