Vol. 2, Issue 7, August 2020

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Solutions for People,Animals and Environment
Photo of African Elephants

Letter from the President

WBI President Andrew Rowan writes of the economic pressures African wildlife conservation face as a result of the loss of tourism due to the pandemic and other looming threats.

Street Dogs

The Problem with Dogs
Street dogs are ubiquitous in many parts of the world. And despite all the advances in animal welfare, we focus solely on the symptoms and do not address the root causes. Harry Eckman of Change for Animals explores the ongoing problem with street dogs. READ MORE

Feel Better

Individual Choices and Global Well-Being
WBI is now focusing on how individuals might modify their behaviors as a critical part of helping to improve not only individual health and well-being, but also helping to reduce our impact on the world around us. READ MORE

Forthcoming Meetings & Events

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