Vol. 2, Issue 9, October 2020

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Solutions for People, Animals and Environment
Photo of the filmmaker and the Octopus Teacher | Photo credit: Ross Frylinck

An Octopus-Human Relationship

Andrew Rowan reviews Netflix’s new documentary My Octopus Teacher which explores the extraordinary relationship that developed between the filmmaker and an octopus and how, after feeling career burnout, the filmmaker’s exposure to the cold waters and teeming sea life brought him back to filming and this wonderful documentary.

The Homeless and Their Pets
Pets provide constant companionship, emotional support and security for individuals who are homeless. It is estimated that approximately 10% of the homeless have one or more pets. Thirty or more years ago, it was commonly argued by animal advocates that, if a person cannot take care of themselves, how could they provide properly for their pets. Those attitudes are changing and efforts to support the pets of homeless are increasing. READ MORE

Two Book Reviews on Animal Sheltering
There are very few publications that provide detailed accounts of the significant changes and developments in animal sheltering in America over the past 70 years. Andrew Rowan reviews the two books which do provide such analysis: Peter Marsh’s book, Replacing Myth with Math and Susan Houser’s book, Prodigal Pets. READ MORE

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