Vol. 4 Issue 10, November 2022

WellBeing International || Tales of WellBeing
Solutions for People, Animals and Environment
Autumn photo with words overlayed "WellBeing International wishes a wonderful Thanksgiving to all!" | Photo credit: Dream Ideas | Shutterstock
WellBeing International is grateful for those who respect people, value our animals, and protect our earth. We are also thankful for those who fight for freedom, justice, and the opportunity to make the most of one’s life.
SDC client and his owner

Acting to Meet the Needs of Pets in the US and now in Ukraine
Meet Colorado-based Street Dog Coalition, a U3R partner, which will debut its mobile veterinary clinic in Ukraine by end of year. READ

Ted Kerasote's dogs, from left to right, Burley, Goo, AJ and Pukka

Pets are Family Members
Thanksgiving is the major family holiday in the United States, and pets, considered family members, are a part of the celebration. These three books — about dogs — exemplify this. READ

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