Vol. 3 Issue 10, November 2021

WellBeing International || Tales of WellBeing
Solutions for People, Animals and Environment

WellBeing International’s Global Dog Campaign
to End Dog Homelessness: Webinar

As the world begins to emerge from the pandemic, we want to refocus our efforts on the global concerns about the homeless dogs of the world. Join us for a free webinar on Tuesday, November 30, 2021, 12PM EST to learn more about our Global Dog Campaign, implementation partners in Costa Rica, India and Afghanistan and the expert team supporting these local communities.

Bird and Cat Advocates in Harmony: Yes, When Pigs Fly!
Nancy Peterson develops a mural to address the divisions between bird and cat lovers concerning humane and effective management of outdoor cats. READ MORE

Book Review: ‘A Dog’s World’ by Jessica Pierce and Marc Bekoff
In their new book, Drs. Pierce and Bekoff, using published canid research, imagine what the world would be like for dogs if there were no humans around. READ MORE

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