Vol. 5 Issue 4, May 2023

WellBeing International || Tales of WellBeing
Solutions for People, Animals and Environment
Gorilla Willie B. with his first mate, Kinyani, at Zoo Atlanta, Atlanta, Georgia, September 8, 1989.

Life of Willie B. – Public Policy & Psychological Well-being

This tale is the last in a three-part series about Willie B., Atlanta’s iconic ape and one of the most famous gorillas in the world.
Red deer stag | Photo credit: Matt Givson, iStock

Rewilding: Letting Nature Do Its Own Thing!

Rewilding is an interesting new approach to nature conservation that relies on Nature to regulate itself. READ

The Cat's Meow - book cover

The Cat’s Meow – Book Review

If you are interested in how your cat became a domestic pet and why it does what it does, this book “The Cat’s Meow” by Jonathan B. Losos, is for you. READ

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