Vol. 3 Issue 5, May 2021

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Solutions for People, Animals and Environment

These Bears No Longer “Dance”

At the beginning of the 21st century, there were 1,200 dancing bears performing and suffering in India and Nepal. Today, there are none in India. Read how International Animal Rescue partnered with Wildlife SOS to make this happen.

The Stray Dogs of Pacifica Township, Chennai, India
The conflict between those who support street dogs and those who would prefer not to have them around is played out every day in India. Here is one such story about a new township, Pacifica Aurum, just south of the city of Chennai. READ MORE

‘My Octopus Teacher’ wins at BAFTA and Oscars
The South African documentary, My Octopus Teacher, took home an Oscar and BAFTA for Best Documentary. It is the rare film that allowed the audience to grasp the life and presence of another being’s awareness and place in the world around us. READ MORE

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