Vol. 3 Issue 3, March 2021

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Paving the Way to Well-being:
The First Nationally Recognized Assistance Dogs

In this article, Sheila O’Brien, Chair of the North American Region of Assistance Dogs International and Special Advisor to America’s VetDogs and the Guide Dog Foundation, reviews the history of the first canine pioneers who paved the way to well-being of their human partners with disabilities. Meet Guide Dog Buddy, Hearing Dog Skippy and Service Dog Abdul.

Chinny Krishna Receives Prani Mitra Award
Blue Cross of India founder Chinny Krishna was recently recognized with the special “Lifetime Animal Service” Prani Mitra Award, a recognition requiring approval by the Indian Government. Chinny’s father also received a Prani Mitra Award for animal protection in 1998. We are proud to have Chinny serve on WBI’s board. READ MORE

Book Review: The Last Lions of Africa
As the lion population in Africa faces a steep decline, nature and travel writer Anthony Ham brings us “The Last Lions of Africa: Stories from the Frontline in the Battle to Save a Species.” This book, however, is not your typical book about a disappearing animal, but rather relates five different stories that paint a wonderful yet depressing story about how lions and people manage to (or not) live together. READ MORE

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