Vol. 5 Issue 6, July 2023

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Solutions for People, Animals and Environment
Elephant in sunset | Photo credit: jjlim80, iStock

The Asian Elephant and its Interaction with People
and the Environment

Is the Asian Elephant an example of a self-domesticated species, and if so, how should the species be managed?
Feral mother cat with kittens | Photo credit: rvimages, iStock

In Pursuit of a Silver Bullet for Pet Population Control: a Chemical Sterilant for Dogs and Cats

Recent research has produced a chemical sterilant for cats that is effective and safe. Now, it must be approved for use by the regulatory agencies. READ

Book cover of "Animal Welfare in World Religion Teaching and Practice "

Animal Welfare in World Religion Teaching and Practice – Book Review

The major world faiths eloquently state how animals should be humanely treated but are largely silent on modern animal welfare challenges. READ

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