Vol. 4 Issue 7, July 2022

WellBeing International || Tales of WellBeing
Solutions for People, Animals and Environment
Domestic cat - video credit: Benjamin Gelman

Considering Cats

A group of animal organizations have conducted the first detailed count of the cats living in a municipality – specifically the 180 square kilometers making up Washington, D.C., the US Capital area.

Dogs in Ukraine | Photo credit: Jason Weiss

How People are Coping with the Ukraine Disaster
How might one respond to the Ukraine Disaster? WBI offers a tale of two people from Los Angeles who recently traveled to Ukraine to deliver humanitarian relief in person. READ

Book cover of Happiness, - Concept, Measurement and Promotion

Book Review
Professor Ng is an economist whose recent book Happiness-Concept, Measurement and Promotion addresses the links between human happiness, a healthy environment and animal welfare. READ

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