Vol. 5 Issue 1, January 2023

WellBeing International || Tales of WellBeing
Solutions for People, Animals and Environment
Australian Feral Cats | Photo credit: 169169, AdobeStock

Managing Cats in Australia

An article by Jacquie Rand and Andrew Rowan highlights the reporting of the Australian-based Community Cat Project that non-lethal management of urban and peri-urban cat populations reduces shelter intakes and euthanasias.
Northeastern fishing boat | Photo credit: Dan, AdobeStock

Finally, Some Good News about Cod

New measurement techniques indicate that New England cod populations may, at last, be recovering.   READ

A scene from COP15 | Photo credit: Wolf Gordon Clifton

A Participant’s Reflections on the Montreal Biodiversity (COP15) Conference

Get a COP15 participant’s observations and insights about the biodiversity crisis and conference.  READ

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