Vol. 4 Issue 4, April 2022

WellBeing International || Tales of WellBeing
Solutions for People, Animals and Environment
Turning Globe-low

Reflections on Earth Day 2022

This year marks the celebration of the 53rd Earth Day. Read Dr. Lance Gunderson’s reflections on this Earth Day 2022.

Refugees crossing from Ukraine into Isaccea, Romania 05 March 2022

In response to the war in Ukraine and the displacement of people and animals, WellBeing International has formed the Ukrainian Animal Rescue, Relief & Rebuild (U3R) Consortium to respond quickly and effectively to the ever-changing conflict by providing support and supplies to appropriate locations as needs dictate. LEARN MORE

Snow Leopards – High Mountain Ghosts of Asia
Snow leopards are beautiful but rare animals surviving in the high mountain ranges of Asia. READ

Book Review
Everybody strives for Happiness. Dr. Jonathan Haidt describes research investigating how one might achieve a state of happiness! READ

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