Vol. 3 Issue 4, April 2021

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Asian Rhinos in Chiwan, Nepal | Photo credit: maroznc

Rhinos in Nepal: A Back from the Brink of Extinction Story!

In this article, Hemanta R. Mishra, PhD, shares the great news that, despite Covid (and unlike in Africa where poaching is driving rhinos toward extinction in the wild), 2021 has proved to be a good year for the Greater One-horned Asian Rhinoceros in Nepal as a result of a cultural reverence for the rhino.

Crow Whisperer
A recent story of a “crow whisperer” in Oakland, California, resolving a seemingly intractable situation for a local family and its dog highlights crows’ recognition of specific human individuals. READ MORE

Book Review: Animal Welfare in China
Pei Su, CEO of ACTAsia, reviews Animal Welfare in China by Peter Li. This “comprehensive” and “well-researched” book challenges the widely held impression that Chinese people are inherently abusive towards animals. READ MORE

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