Where we work

Our first projects (in partnership with other organizations) are in South Africa and Central and South America. We will be looking to engage across the globe to help people, animals and the environment.

What we do

Homeless Dogs

Globally, there are around 700 million dogs in the world of which approximately 300 million are “homeless” street dogs. These street dogs suffer from high rates of injury, mange and other diseases and are a source of injury and disease for people. WellBeing International plans to build a global program vaccinating (against rabies) and sterilizing street dogs. Such projects have been associated with reductions in disease and dog bite incidence and a more harmonious relationship among people, dogs and their environment.

WellBeing International
WellBeing International

Healthy Outcomes for People, Animals, Environment

There is a growing concern that modern generations are becoming too divorced from nature with adverse consequences for people, animals and the environment. WellBeing International will be promoting sustainable environments through humane and environmental education. We need to achieve more efficient energy use, greater awareness of the impact of our food choices and greater awareness of the links between people, animals and the environment.

Environmental Protection

WellBeing International will be developing projects that will engage humans in a broader understanding of how we influence animals and the environment. For example, our food choices have a substantial and little-understood impact on the environment. Humans can work to save wildlife and ecosystems by protecting lands and promoting effective programs that change human behavior to protect both humans and animals.

WellBeing International