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Global Awareness
People drive change. WellBeing International (WBI) will provide tools to inform people what is needed and enable them to make a difference. WBI’s Global Awareness strategy includes publication of two different monthly newsletters WellBeing News (more technical) and Tales of WellBeing. These publications along with the monthly Letter from the President bring to the forefront the latest news, research, topics and concerns. Past and current issues of these documents can be found on WBI’s Resources Page.
Global Dog Campaign
Globally, there are somewhere between 700 million and 1 billion dogs in the world of which 40-50% are roaming on the streets. These “homeless” dogs suffer from relatively high rates of injury, mange and other diseases and are also a source of human disease, particularly rabies in Africa and Asia. WellBeing International plans to build a global dog campaign involving vaccination of dogs against rabies and the sterilization of both owned and roaming street dogs. Such projects, when implemented over time and with sufficient intensity, have been associated with reductions in disease and dog bite incidence and the development of a more harmonious relationship among people, dogs and their environment.
Blue Cross of India
Greyton Farm Animal Sanctuary
Healthy Outcomes For People, Animals, Environment
There is a growing concern that modern generations are becoming too divorced from nature with adverse consequences for people, animals and the environment. WellBeing International will be promoting sustainable environments through humane and environmental education. We need to achieve more efficient energy use, greater awareness of the impact of our food choices and greater awareness of the links among people, animals and the environment.
Environmental Protection
WellBeing International is very concerned at the loss of wild animal biomass and the fragmentation of wild lands across the globe. Human needs and infrastructure growth are threatening the existence of many charismatic species. WBI will be working with our US Partner and other organizations and individuals to minimize the impact of human development and maintain large wild landscapes to support healthy populations of wild animals across the globe.
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