Note from the President – Tales of WellBeing – Jan 2020

This issue of “Tales of WellBeing” features a story about a successful outdoor cat management program located on Key Largo. The management of domestic cats has become a hot topic in North America and Australasia. Many wildlife biologists are strongly opposed to procedures that leave cats, albeit sterilized, in the environment but an approach called trap-neuter-return (TNR) is, to date, the only method that has been demonstrated to reduce domestic cat pressures on wildlife in larger landscapes.

This issue also includes an item drawing readers’ attention to a new blog, Animal Matters, by a colleague who is helping WellBeing International compose relatively lucid articles.

I also feel compelled to mention the Australian bushfires that have taken on terrifying new forms in the very dry and very hot conditions currently found on both ends of the continent of Australia. News reports are saying that as many as one billion animals have perished, which is heartbreaking and devastating. We mostly feature positive and/or whimsical items in “Tales of WellBeing,” so we will include a feature about the bushfires and what they mean for people, animals and the environment in the next issue of “WellBeing News.”

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