Note from President and CEO – Tales of WellBeing – Dec 2019


Holiday Note from Kathleen and Andrew Rowan

As 2019 draws to a close, we would like to thank all our followers and supporters and wish each of you a prosperous and successful New Year. While there is much to worry about, there are also numerous signs of promise in new technologies and many heartwarming stories involving people, animals and the environment. Tales of WellBeing was established to bring some of those stories to you and to provide a few moments of encouragement and perhaps a smile or two every month. This issue carries a story from the Big Fix in Northern Uganda where the Comfort Dog Project is helping traumatized people and rescued dogs to find each other and help the communities in which they live. It is a remarkable story. We also provide a brief glimpse into a strange “hunt” after one of the smallest birds in the world that happens in Europe the day after Christmas.

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