96-year old Guapiles

AHPPA’s Most Valuable Client

A recent sterilization clinic held in Guapiles by our partner organization served a remarkable woman – 96-year old Ana Julia Espinoza. She walked three kilometers with her three cats to have them sterilized.
For the past five years, our partner organization, the Costa Rican shelter Asociacion de Humanitaria Para la Proteccion Animal de Costa Rica (AHPPA), has been running outreach clinics to sterilize and treat animals in rural communities that are not as well served with veterinary care as people living around the country’s capital, San Jose (where half the population of Costa Rica lives). AHPPA has been sterilizing around 10,000 dogs and cats a year in communities like Cartago, Limon, Punta Rena, and Guapiles at a cost of around $12 per animal. These clinics are organized with the help of local volunteers who usually raise enough local support to reduce the actual per surgery cost to AHPPA to just $8 per animal!
The most recent clinic was held in Guapiles, a town on the road from San Jose down to the Caribbean port city of Limon (AHPPA holds a clinic around Guapiles monthly). The staff at the latest clinic were surprised by a special client – 96-year old Ana Julia Espinoza who walked three kilometers to bring her three cats to the clinic for sterilization! The photo shows her holding one of the cats that are recovering from the surgery. She was definitely the Most Valuable Client (MVC) at this clinic and was rewarded for her efforts with no-charge surgeries. AHPPA has also resolved to make sure that she has enough cat food every time they return to the neighborhood!
This story illustrates that the importance and value of companion animals knows no nationality or age boundaries!

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