WellBeing International (WBI) was founded on the principle that the long-term well-being of people, animals and the environment are interconnected. By extension WBI’s focus to improve the well-being of all three elements of the PAE (people, animals and the environment) triad will be governed by strategies that more evenly address concerns for all three elements and focus on their intersections to achieve well-being goals.
Typically, most well-being (happiness) projects focus mainly on anthropocentric outcomes and impacts. However, we will include animals and the environment as equal partners in order to maximize the well-being of all life both locally and globally. The old aphorism that all politics is local applies to well-being as well: developing appropriate solutions for local communities will provide examples and models that can be taken to scale to increase global well-being.
WBI was incorporated as a non-profit corporation in the State of Delaware in August of 2018 and received its 501-(c)(3) status effective as of that date. The corporation was launched with four Board members, six Global Ambassadors and three partner organizations in the Costa Rica (AHPPA), USA (CLLC) and South Africa (GFAS).
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