“A responsible caretaker of our world must safeguard people, animals, and the environment for each element is tightly connected and dependent on the well-being of the others.”
~Andrew N. Rowan, President, WellBeing International

WellBeing International (WBI) was founded on the principle that the long-term well-being of people, animals, and the environment is inextricably connected. Therefore, WBI’s focus will be governed by strategies that more evenly address concerns for all three elements – people, animals, and the environment.

WBI’s mission recognizes that most well-being (happiness) projects focus on anthropocentric outcomes and impacts. However, WBI includes animals and the environment as equal partners to maximize the well-being of all life both locally and globally. The old aphorism that all politics is local applies to well-being as well: developing appropriate solutions for local communities will provide examples and models that can be taken to scale to increase global well-being.

WBI was incorporated in Delaware as a 501(c)(3) US Non-Profit corporation in 2018. The corporation was founded with four Board members (now seven) who collectively have hundreds of years of experience serving on boards of Non-Profit organizations worldwide dedicated to animal, environmental and human well-being.

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