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WellBeing International (WBI) promotes the well-being of people, animals, and the environment. The organization seeks to achieve optimal well-being for people, animals, and the environment through collaborative engagement, education, direct care, and science.

Our current programs include three significant campaigns. With the accompanying online WBI Studies Repository, the Global Awareness Campaign leverages the rapidly expanding, worldwide access to information to champion choices leading to sustainable and more humane solutions. The WBI Studies Repository, its website, webinars, bi-monthly newsletters, and other online resources provide accurate and reliable information supporting WBI’s global efforts. Topics address companion animals, wildlife, climate issues, alternative energy sources, land use, ocean health, and human subjective well-being. WBI publishes 22 newsletters each year.

WBI’s Feel Better Campaign seeks to engage individuals on a global scale. WBI provides objective, credible and accurate information for individuals who seek knowledge to make better individual choices leading to a more sustainable world. This approach is based on the idea that small steps taken by many individuals will produce significant global change. The initiative also emphasizes the power of consumer demand to drive corporate and government actions leading to positive, sustainable solutions. The Feel Better campaign uses the same platforms as the Global Awareness campaign, efficiently using WBI’s resources.

The Global Dog Campaign - Photo of Afghan Puppy

Finally, WBI’s Global Dog Campaign (GDC) addresses the well-being of 300 million homeless dogs (out of an estimated 900 million total dogs) who currently live on the streets across the globe. Please read about the Global Dog Campaign on WBI’s website. Through support for direct care, public education, improved data collection, and sophisticated analysis, this campaign delivers a more significant impact, improving the health of the homeless dogs and the well-being of the communities in which they live. The GDC is built upon three pillars. The first pillar addresses collecting, storing, analyzing, and using data. The second recognizes and reports on local case studies (including direct care support – sterilization and vaccination) to determine the most effective approaches to dog management, resource allocation, and the leveraging of capacities. To this end, WBI will support local surveys and local sterilization and vaccination programs by partners and use the project metrics and impacts to determine the most effective resource allocation for maximum leverage. Third, WBI will seek to elevate the priority to end dog homelessness among local, municipal, state, and national political agendas and link dog homelessness and the associated rabies and dog bite concerns with public health. WBI partners and other organizations in Asia, Africa, and the Americas will end homelessness for hundreds of millions of dogs.

The Ukraine Animal Rescue, Relief and Rebuild Coalition (U3R)

WBI is building a consortium of local and international organizations to deliver rescue, relief, and rebuilding (U3Rs) to assist and support the beleaguered people of Ukraine. WBI has a range of global connections and disaster response experiences that will support the effective management of a consortium of disaster responders and the efficient deployment of resources.

A consortium of international organizations partnering with local groups provides multiple intelligence sources to identify what assistance is needed and where. A consortium also offers a range of skills and capacities that can be deployed rapidly and effectively. By building a consortium of international and local organizations with different skill sets, the U3R can also assist with a wide range of animal species and animal needs and support human caretakers.

The constantly changing nature of this war demands flexibility in establishing and recalibrating supply chains and relief delivery. Information gathering throughout the country facilitates rapid responses to changing local conditions. The consortium will work as a coordinated team to ensure that rescue, relief, and rebuilding services and supplies are delivered to the people and animals of Ukraine when and where needed.

“A responsible caretaker of our world must safeguard people, animals, and the environment for each element is tightly connected and dependent on the well-being of the others.” “

~Andrew N. Rowan, President, WBI

Rick Bernthal, WBI Board Member

Organizational Information

BCI volunteer feeding a street dog
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