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Sloboda Zvierat

Sloboda ZvieratThe love of animals inspired the decision to establish Sloboda Zvierat (or Freedom for Animals) almost 30 years ago. Based in Bratislava, Slovakia, the organization works to prevent animal cruelty and promote a healthy coexistence between humans and animals. Today, Sloboda Zvierat has 23 regional centers across the Slovak Republic.

Annually, we rescue more than 2000 street animals who have been lost, abandoned, or abused. We treat, feed, and care for these animals intending to find their original home or place in a new forever home. About 200 animals are in our daily care. We also operate an emergency call line and investigate cases of abuse.

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion, we treated hundreds of Ukrainian dogs and cats who escaped the violence with their owners at our shelter in Bratislava. We provide free veterinary services, including microchipping, vaccination, and issuance of pet passports. We also supply these owners with pet food and more and occasionally help them find pet-friendly accommodations. Moreover, we have sent financial, food, and veterinary aid to areas most affected by the war. In the coming days, we will be supporting organizations in Kharkov, Lviv, Odessa, and Uzhhorod, caring for dogs, cats, and farm and wild animals remaining in Ukraine.

Supplies collected by Sloboda Zveirat

In its Ukraine response, Sloboda Zvierat has sent more than 10 tons of pet food to shelters and volunteers who feed street dogs and cats and are planning to send more than 16 tons in the next week or two. We have helped more than 400 refugees’ pets and given away more than 300 pet carriers and hundreds of other pet supplies. Sloboda rescued 30 dogs from a Ukrainian shelter damaged by a Russian attack.


Sloboda Zvierat hosted colleagues from Kyiv from July 7-10th to start to build a shelter for cats called “Cats on Mars.” Progress is complicated by unpredictable Russian attacks. Sloboda Zvierat has been provided them expert advice in various areas, including technical, personnel, hygiene standards, staffing and more. Meanwhile, Sloboda Zvierat continues to offer food and veterinary treatment for the pets of Ukrainian refugees who continue to come. While the numbers have slowed, Sloboda Zvierate remains open and ready for all needing services.

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