Solutions for People, Animals and Environment
WellBeing News: Volume 2, Issue 2
February 2020
Managing Cats for Cats, Wildlife and People
In the January 2020 issue of our Tales of WellBeing, we related the story of an outdoor cat project on Key Largo, Florida, called ORCAT – Ocean Reef Cat Project. To most people the project has been a big success, reducing the number of roaming outdoor cats from 1,900 or more at the end of the 20th century to around 200 within 20 years. However, US government staff with the Fish and Wildlife Service on Key Largo remain concerned about the roaming outdoor cats in the Ocean Reef community despite having trapped only a few of the ORCAT (micro-chipped) felines in the protected sanctuary in the past couple of years.

Google Earth Pro, Imagery 2020 Lansat/Copernicus, Maxar Technologies, U.S Geological Survey, Map data 2020, Untied States, Key Largo,Fl, 25.219521,-80.323543

Protein Production and Consumption
February 27, 2020
By Kathleen Rowan and Andrew Rowan

Chart is from article, “Environmental impacts of food production” by Hannah Ritchie and Max Roser, published online at
For those interested in data and understanding current global challenges but who have not yet visited the website Our World in Data, we would strongly urge spending some time browsing the site. This January a new article appeared addressing the very confusing issue of the greenhouse gases produced through different sources of protein production. Conflicting reports have argued that protein sourced from meat and fish either is, or is not, a major source of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, but the article by Hannah Ritchie and Max Roser provides some clarity and answers.

In Search of Explanations and the Truth
February 27, 2020

Photo by: Ondreji Presicky
In the search to explain the world around us, there have been occasions where a particular set of observations produces a narrative that appears to provide an elegant explanation of what is happening, even though it might not be entirely accurate. One such story is that of Arizona’s protected Kaibab Plateau, which President Roosevelt established as a game preserve in 1906 and where deer hunting was prohibited. At the same time, bounty hunters exterminated large predators and, as the story went, the lack of predation led to a deer population explosion.
April 1-3, 2020
WildCRU, University of Oxford, International Conference on Human-Wildlife Conflict and Coexistence
June 29 - July 2, 2020
ISAZ 2020, Liverpool, UK: One Health, One Welfare: Wellbeing for all in human-animal interactions.
August 23-27, 2020
11th World Congress on Alternatives and Animal Use in the Life Sciences, Maastricht, The Netherlands
September 7-9, 2020
4th African Animal Welfare Conference will be held in Accra, Ghana. Additional information will appear on the conference website in 2020.
September 15-17, 2020
The 8th World Sustainability Forum, Geneva, Switzerland.
September 15-16, 2021
3rd One Welfare World Conference, Burgos, Spain. Check this website for updates.
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