Solutions for People, Animals and Environment
Tales of WellBeing - Issue 1, February 2019
"WellBeing International (WBI) seeks and implements solutions for people, animals and the environment (PAE). 'Tales of WellBeing' is published monthly and features stories of how people, animals and the environment can enrich the lives of all." Our feature story is brought to us by our partner, Asociacion Humanitaria para la Proteccion Animal (AHPPA) in Costa Rica.

Valentina’s Story and Message

No matter how bleak things may sometimes appear, never underestimate what wonders the universe may have in store for you.

"Brave Valentina is our CIO (Chief Inspiration Officer) because her fight to survive and the joy of her new beginning touch us deeply and make us think about what is possible for desperate animals around the world."

You never know when the universe will send new light and love into your life. For proof, look no further than the story of a little dog in Costa Rica who came to be known as Valentina. Early one morning, a large truck struck her as she attempted to cross a busy road. She apparently had no caregivers, nor did the driver who struck her stop to help. Thankfully a kind, observant soul took time to contact Asociacion Humanitaria para la Proteccion Animal (AHPPA a WBI partner) and help was instantly on the way.
AHPPA staff members were expecting the worst. Small dog… large truck… how could that scenario possibly end well? Miraculously, though, Valentina was still alive when they found her. She was lying on the side of a partially dry river in the middle of a puddle near a pipe, and clearly in a state of shock. Only a few more minutes and she would have drowned from water coming through the pipe if AHPPA staff had not come to rescue her. They carefully transported her to their clinic, where AHPPA doctors worked together to gently bring her out of shock and put her on IV fluids to strengthen her for surgery the next day.
Though the accident caused Valentina to lose her right eye, her spirit still shone brightly. “She was ready to fight for her life,” staff members report, “and so were we!”   READ MORE
Book Review | Love Can Be: A Literary Collection About Our Animals

If you share your life with a companion animal, or ever have – or if you simply love animals – Love Can Be: A Literary Collection About Our Animals will resonate with you. Thirty gifted and award-winning authors share stirring and memorable proof of what love can be through essays and poems about experiences or insights their companion animals or encounters with wild animals have given them.

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